These dragon-centaurs that have recently appeared on the fringes of the Known Spheres and are becoming increasingly common in Wildpsace. They have heavy, gray four-legged bodies with broad, flat, elephantine feet and long tails. Their torsos and arms are human, although their six-fingered hands end in claws. Their heads are reptilian, with the horns and flanges of a dragon. They are over 2 meters in height, weigh over 45 stones, and live up to 200 years. They use thin-bladed long swords in war, though many conflicts between Dracon are resolved through a complex form of wrestling that doubles as an effective unarmed fighting form.

Dracons are herd creatures, and their lives are comprised of a series of formal rituals
designed to allow them to interact with the herd with no dissension. Their formality may be seen as a weakness and even snobbish by some, and is superficially reinforced by their thick accents, willingness to flee, and preference to talk their way out of a situation. Once the herd has made up its mind, however, there is no room for compromise.

A lone Dracon is a freak, and most cannot survive outside the family unit, becoming sick and confused if denied access to the leadership of the eldest within their herd for extended periods of time. A Dracon on his own will seek another family to adopt him. If that is
impossible, he will attempt to form a new herd, adopting members of other races as his family.

Dracons view Humans, Illithids, Elves, and Dwarves as “the deformed”. They are polite and interested in alien societies, but they view any creature with fewer than six-limbs as handicapped and are terrible at distinguishing between humanoid races. To them, Elves, Dwarves, Humans all look the same and are of the same master race. They hate Neogi but consider Beholders comical.

Dracon families are huge, and there is good evidence that all Dracon are members of one enormous kin-group. Dracons use these kinship structures to figure out which Dracon should head any herd, particularly if two herds merge. The Dracon homeworld is dry, with grassy plains, desert, and shallow seas. Seasonal changes keep the herds moving across the landscape, preventing them from establishing any large cities of their own. The exact location of their homeworld is not known to outsiders.

CGR 1 16-17, 26-27


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