High City

The High City rises above the crowded mayhem of the rest of The Rock. It is a green, spacious area of marbled palaces and noble villas. It is a realm beyond that of the ordinary folk, and most will never step foot in its spacious gardens. There are few actual restrictions, the separation of elite and commoner is a natural development.

At the highest point is Andru’s Palace Starhaven, its white walls and elegant domes overlooking the city. The Palace is an expansive area, and collectively the place is known as the Royal Enclosure. It is only accessible by a slender arch of stone spanning Lake Bral. Known as Stonebridge, it was a natural formation that was levelled and filled to support a roadway and lined with a small, stone parapet. When the lake is full the bridge is 50 meters above the surface, when it is in need of refilling it can be as high as 100 meters from the surface of the water.

The Man O’War is the finest restaurant and inn on The Rock, and better than any inn in most spheres. It has a spectacular view of Lake Bral, and the dining room has a strict dress code forbidding arms and armor. A meal costs between 8 and 12 gold per person; the service is excellent and the food is the finest by anyone’s standards. The inn boasts 10 plush suites that cost 10 to 30 gp per night, included in that comes a bottle of fine wine and breakfast in the morning. An elite guard of highly paid mercenaries ensures the safety of the guests. Guests of the crown often stay here when the palace is full.

The Royal Theatrical Company has been in continuous operation for over 60 years. Its lavish productions feature magical illusions and pyrotechnical special effects. The company usually runs two productions simultaneously, employing two separate casts. Each cast presents four to five plays during the course of a five month season. The offseason is spent preparing for difficult performances. Kiria Evensong runs the company. The current season features The Fallen, a tragedy about an elven bard who seduces a human princess, and Starward Sail, a musical comedy about an inept pirate captain. Seats cost 1 gp but well worth it.

The Noble Council Building is where the Noble Council meets, though they haven’t convened in over three years. It is a great domed structure with a pointed steeple and can seat 200 people. Prince Andru addresses the citizens of the city from the podium on rare occasion. The chambers surrounding the council dome are used as the offices for the Bureau of Land Distribution and Management.

The High Magistrate is an impressive building but little used. It houses the High Magistrate who has the power over review over all other magistrates. A small staff runs the day to day affairs and a dozen gentlemen swordsmen and four mages are on guard during the day, and it is fashionable for young nobles to serve for a short time as part of this force.

House Kullek is the largest and grandest of the noble estates. It rivals the Royal Palace in size and grandeur. Beautiful stone sculptures adorn the wide lawn and carefully tended apple trees flank the house. The grounds are patrolled by crack guardsmen.

The Library of the Spheres is the headquarters of The Seekers in Realmspace. It holds an impressive collection of nonmagical books, tomes, scrolls, and manuscripts of all kinds. While The Rock is too young to have accumulated a library of this size, The Seekers were forced to move two of their smaller collections here over 30 years ago. The library is open to any patron and never closes. To become a patron costs 1 gp per year. Honored patrons are those that donate 50 gp a year and gain limited check out privileges, at most three books at a time for no longer a month, as well as access to the Special Collection, a room of extremely rare and valuable books. The staff is happy to conduct research for patrons for a fee of 50 gp per day, specialized research can take anywhere from a week to two months but they almost always are able to provide some sort of useful information.

The Trailing Jettison is kept out of sight the noble estates and can only be accessed through a series of tunnels or a path down the cliffs of Park Street. It is located at the gravity plane and is run by a neo-otyugh. A clan of over a dozen otyughs quietly collect he wastes of High City, sort through the rubbish and discard the waste. The jettison can launch 1 ton of garbage over 350 meters away from the rock. Once free of the atmospheric envelope it drifts away, with a great number of scavengers sifting through the trash.

House Calar is a comfortable villa on one of the finest pieces of land on The Rock, commanding a marvelous view of the Trailing Edge. Princess Cozar lives here with her son, Aric.

Hastain’s Palace is a magnificent, rambling villa and is a constant hive of activity. The grounds are populated by the most outrageous entertainers and artists imaginable, with many poets and painters utilizing shocking subject matter finding patronage from Hastain. Despite the horde of sycophants, his wealth seems inexhaustible. The latest fad consists of painting weird designs on one’s body and leaping into Lake Bral with the greatest possible flair, though Hastain does not participate in such games himself he does tolerate such antics with an amused smile.

High City

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