Imperial Elven Navy

The Imperial Elves consider themselves to be the quintessential breed of Elf, as they are the link between Elves throughout known space. The Elven Imperial Navy keeps contact between the scattered settlements across the worlds and is one of the strongest forces in space. It keeps regular contact with the major Elf nations on each planet where Elves are known to hold power, delivering news from other elf nations and offer assistance to the various rulers. Fortunately, they recognize each monarch as sovereign in their own nation, so there is little friction between spacebound elves and groundlings. The assistance they offer is usually in the form of advice as the spelljammers do not like to make their presence known to the average inhabitants of a planet. Occasionally, they will offer something a bit more substantial, but this will generally only be in an emergency. In return for this help, they expect that the beneficiary will provide aid for the lesser elf nations in an area. Some say that the Elven Imperial Navy also protects the elf homeworld. They claim that they are a naturally occurring race throughout the spheres, united in a common bond with the universe. Others point to the obvious similarities between elves on so many different worlds. These folk claim that the elves sprang from one world to spread across the spheres.

Physically, they are very pale and their skin simply doesn’t tan, no matter what. Their hair and eyes fall into two major variations, blond hair and blue eyes or sandy brown to sheerest black hair and intense green eyes. The average high elf is 1.4 meters tall and weighs 6 stones.

If it were true that the elves did originate from one world, it should come as no surprise that they deny it. Having seen what other races have done to their worlds and how many of these worlds are now obliterated, the Elves would naturally want to make sure that none of these races would discover and then destroy the Elf homeworld. Conversely, another theory states that elves only learned to live in harmony with their new worlds through the destruction of their original home. This, the critics claim, is the Elven shame, and they hide the planet because they don’t wish it known that they weren’t always as insufferably perfect as they are now. It is due to the Elves that so much of traveled space is relatively safe for good-aligned folk. The Elves drove the Orcish races from the known spheres in the Inhuman Wars, crushing their fleets almost entirely. Although the Goblinoids have vowed revenge, the Elves are not overly worried. If they did it once, they can do it again. This sentiment, of course, occurred prior to the Second Inhuman War.

The events leading up to the destruction of the goblinoid fleets stem from another debate, much like the one which prompted the move of the elves of Toril to Evermeet. This debate, too, took several hundred years from beginning to completion but, once decided, doom the Goblinoids. With relentless precision and determination, the Elves ensured that the Goblinoid race would pose no threat for some time to come.

Because of their power and dominance of many spheres, the Elves have grown arrogant. They have appointed themselves the police force of space and often decide to extend their jurisdiction to planet surfaces. Sometimes, it seems, the spelljamming Elves embody all that is worst about the Elf race. They use their age as power, claiming experience and wisdom beyond that held by others. They are haughy, hardly deigning to speak to “inferiors”. They often interact with other races only when they suspect the other race of wrongdoing or conspiracy. The actions of these spelljamming Elves contribute to, or even cause, the negative view so many races hold. In the middle of the Second Inhuman Wars, Elves are finding that they have been too lax too long. Their inability to change at the same rapid pace as other races is leading to their downfall at Goblinoid hands. The Elves see their “empire” crumbling around them, and that they have become just another spacefaring race rather than the feared power they had been for so long.

PHBR8 27-28

Imperial Elven Navy

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