The fabled Kender is a curious example of convergent evolution. Their native world of Krynn is one of the few with no true halflings of its own, yet this ”ecological niche” is filled by another race which, though unrelated, is similar in size, appearance, and culture: the Kender. Hairfeet, Stouts, and Tallfellows who have been to Krynn or have met Kender wanderers on other worlds have adopted them as honorary cousins, despite misgivings about the Kender’s complete lack of the prized halfling virtue of common sense.

Kender average 1.2 meters. They are much more slender than true halflings, and they tend to show their age more; a fifty year old Kender will look like a forty year old human. Kender complexions are light, but they tan easily. They tend to wear their hair very long, with a characteristic topknot and long, trailing tail. They wear shoes most of the time, since unlike true halflings, they completely lack foot-fur.

Kender are infused with wanderlust about the time they reach adulthood (in their early twenties) and are likely to spend several decades in an exploration of the world around them, only to feel an equally compelling urge to return home and settle down as they begin to age (mid-fifties to early sixties). Kender are absolutely and utterly fearless-even to the point of immunity to even magically induced fear-and as a result are willing to travel literally anywhere and try almost anything.

The life expectancy of a Kender is similar to Hairfoot‘s (about a century) but it must be noted that, due to their curiosity and fearlessness, Kender are far more likely than any other halfling subrace to meet with a sudden and violent demise. They are not suicidal, but they do get carried away.
PHBR9 71-73


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