Low City

Rock of bral
The Low City of The Rock has an uncounted number of taverns, inns, ale houses, unique stores and craftsmen. Many of these even change from day to day as entrepreneurs shift their operations from one place to another, to avoid official attention.

Agamour’s Platoon, properly known as the Eighteenth Detached, Light Dismounted Horse, Reinforced, of (Brevet) Sergeant-Major Tomogan Shaul Agamour, this is a platoon of Giff mercenaries which makes its home on Bral.

The Dwarven District is one of the city’s largest and most well-defined barrios, and one of the more prosperous areas in the Low City. The Dwarves are, on the whole, a skilled and hard working race; their presence on The Rock dates back to the first pirate havens. While by nature a taciturn and clannish folk, living in such close proximity to other races have made the Bralian natives far more tolerant of outsiders than their groundling kindsmen. It is not uncommon for the alleys and streets to be crowded with non-Dwarves seeking goods of matchless quality and craftsmanship. The Dwarves generally police themselves, and the Magistrate’s Watch is rarely called into the district. Troublemakers are set upon by large numbers of Dwarven veterans and rarely heard from again.

The Dwarven Boarding Company houses the offices and barracks of a mercenary company of the same name. They are specialists in ship-to-ship combat, and are often sought after as marines, by both merchants and privateers. The leader of the company is a grim old veteran by the name of Threndur Icehewer. His mercenaries have several large forges and armories in the immediate vicinity and maintain their own armor.

The Burrows is a small and quiet neighborhood that climbs down the slopes of The Rock and is the barrio of Halfings. Visitors of other races are relatively scarce, but do occasionally patronize the fine restaurants and taverns of the Burrows. The broad hillside here is perfect for Halfling dwellings, and almost every home is a comfortable burrow with several windows looking out over the Edge. Most Halflings, thieves included, prefer to keep their business out of their homes and own or rent buildings in the Low City and Middle City. With few shops or merchants in the Burrows to attract visitors, the Halflings do not see the kinds of crowds common to the Dwarven District and are likely to react poorly to armed people wandering around without looking like they’re going anywhere in particular.

Gifftown; the Giff do not come close to filling this block of the Low City, but are easily the dominant race of the neighborhood, and certainly its most remarkable feature. The Giff have but one occupation, soldiering. Every household features a prominent sign proclaiming the availability of its occupants for military duty, and few Giff remain between jobs for very long. The rest of the houses and stores in this barrio belong to the armorers, smiths, and weaponeers who make a living keeping the Giff in business. The head of the compound is General Saerlg Tomojak. It is a dangerous place, as the Giff are constantly drilling and setting off charges of smoke powder.

The Illithid Embassy is a complex of several buildings with covered walkways and boarded windows. It is a quiet, brooding building which radiates menace. Very few Bralians ever find a reason to set foot in here, and are quite happy to keep it that way. Several dozen Illithids live in the Low City, and their relationship with the official embassy is unclear, they seem to be living independently of their native lands, but the ambassador Ishathrandra appears to command their respect and obedience. In any event, very few beings, of any race, cross the Illithids and live to tell the tale. Rumors persist of a large cavern or underground facility beneath the compound, where human slaves are kept as cattle for their unspeakable appetites.

Krunz Kanonwerks is owned and operated by the legendary gunsmith Adelphus Krunz, and is one of the few plants which make bombards. Each cannon is lovingly crafted with skill and expertise, decorated with beautiful scrollwork and detailed with silver or gold etching, and then taken to the Edge and fired dozens of times. The Giff love this, and all work stops for days in Gifftown whenever Adelphus is testing a new design or ammunition type. Adelphus works only on order, and requires two to four months to make a bombard. He never has extra pieces laying around which can be sold off the shelf.

Low City

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