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Diplomacy of The Rock

On the Rock of Bral there are representatives for many organized and unorganized navies. Their opinions matter because they have the force of arms to impose them. Unrepresented factions either don’t have a navy of their own or choose not to have any diplomatic mission on Bral.

Organized Navies

The Aperusa are gypsies, traveling wildspace with reckless abandon. They only hold allegiance to their familial clans, with their own king as the final word on all matters. They are viewed by many as thieves and degenerates. They make their trade in fortune-telling, selling handicrafts, and entertaining through song and dance, as well as by performing odd jobs (never military service).

The Clarion Charter is a newcomer to wildspace. Their officers are all Half-Elves from House Lyrandar of Eberron and answer to their House superiors. Their ships are powered by an air and a fire elemental instead of a traditional helm, making it a complex yet effectively powered vessel. They trade the potent natural resources and exotic crafts of their homeworld, but the secret of their ships and their Warforged marines is what interests most of the other spacefarering races. The Clarion Charter trusts no one with the location of their sphere, and strictly control the flow of goods, despite protests from the Imperial Elven Navy that it was they that introduced the Half-Elves to spelljamming technology and thus are owed trading opportunities through reciprocity.

The Giff live within a rigid, militaristic order with strict hierarchy and chain of command. They have no spellcasters of their own and thus often serve other races as marines, typically for the Arcane. Their massive girth and skill with firearms makes them welcome additions to any crew. They do possess a small but proud navy, but the helmsman is always a mercenary spellcaster.

The Illithids and their nautiloids are a constant threat. Hundreds of spheres have fallen to enslavement of the silent ones. While slavery and murder are outlawed on The Rock, it is tacitly understood that Illithids must consume the brains of sentient creatures to survive. How the chattel is delivered is unknown, and it’s against everyone’s interests for it to be exposed.

The Imperial Elven Navy is the single largest navy that fights in the name of righteousness. They are the active law enforcement of the spheres; they patrol space in search of monsters, hazards, and smugglers, making them perhaps a little too self-righteous, and hubris is by far their greatest weakness.

Rastipedes are pacifist insectoid traders found throughout the spheres. They are litigious to a fault, and obey all smuggling and slave trafficking laws.

The Shou Lung of Toril are an arrogant, haughty human race from the continent of Kara-Tur. They are the single largest fleet of humans, and obediently serve their groundling emperor. In the past they have sought conquest through military action but for over a generation now their chief export has been culture. Their literature, music, performance art, paintings, and porcelain pottery can now be found in virtually every port of call, and the emperor is gaining more gold through peace then his predecessors did through war.

The Triad is a predominantly human navy, and understandably it is a bit chaotic as they have a chain of command governed by five admirals of equal rank. They promote peace and security within Greyspace, Realmspace, and Krynnspace. It is a relatively new undertaking, and the contrary values of the five organizations that comprise the triad threatens to tear it apart before it becomes a stable force for good.

Disparate Navies

The Beholders’ representation on the rock is less than a diplomatic mission and more of a cultural attache, for they only represent one of the many different species of Beholders who wage a constant, genocidal civil war between themselves and, on frequent occasion, others.

The Dracon are a peaceful, herd race, and never encountered alone. Tales of their gentle nature can be misleading to the uninitiated, however, for their hardy physique and natural prowess with weapons makes them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. They do not hire themselves out as mercenaries, however, or serve others at all. They just want to be live in peace and harmony with nature, migrating constantly to avoid depleting the natural resources of the worlds they occupy.

The Grommam are a religious and peaceful race, though as with the Dracon they are strong and mighty warriors when the time calls for battle. They live in peaceful enclaves and just wish to be left to themselves.

The Hurwaeti were once the mightiest race in wildspace, and the ruins of their civilization can be found on even the most inhospitable planetoid. Now the tribal remnants of their once great empire struggle to survive, existing as mercenaries and laborers.

Lizardfolk are more intelligent and stronger than their groundling relatives, primarily because of the proximity of their hatcheries to the suns of various spheres. They are still a race of warriors who breed quickly, and without a major conflict to thin out their numbers overpopulation is quickly becoming a looming threat to their species.

The Minoi (Tinker Gnomes) of Krynn are ubiquitous throughout the spheres. While their ferries lack heavy armour, the knowhow within the bulkheads more than makes up for it. They constantly are inventing new forms of weapons and armaments, though all are defensive in nature. From the Wingsnare to the Dazzler, their weapons are great for confounding and slowing down any enemy vessel, enabling the gnomes to escape.

The Starforged Clans are a loose confederation of massive citadels that house several hundred Dwarves each. They scour space for metal and stone resources. They are craftsmen and traders, with imposing, lumbering mountain fortresses instead of fleets of ships. These bastions are heavily fortified, strong enough to repel entire flotillas, but the Dwarves have no interest in patrols or warmongering, they just wish to carry about with their own business.

The Xixchil are a six-limbed insectoid race known for their “survival of the fittest” mentality. They undergo extensive body modifications and adorn their carapaces with gems and precious metals. Understandably they are a warrior race.

The Unrepresented

The Arcane are mysterious race with unknown origins, worlds, and power. They do not travel with others of their race, but take advantage of the protection of the many spacefaring mercenary companies. They disseminate spelljamming helms throughout the spheres, bringing new races to wildspace. To what end, no one knows.

The Hadozee, also known as deck-apes, are a mercenary race who prefer to serve aboard Elven warships, though they will serve almost anyone for the right price. They have no fleets of their own, and thus little political influence. The other races do not treat them as equals, but as cannon fodder, so despite having a presence on The Rock, they have no representation.

Halflings and Kender can be found throughout wildspace, though the former have no unifying culture between worlds while the latter are consummate nomads.

The Neogi are another slaver race; short spider-like creatures. They have no representation on The Rock because of a slight by a former ruler that led them to try to destroy The Rock but as it was fruitless they gave up and left.

The Pirates of Gith are descendants of the same race that fled to the Astral Plane and Limbo that became the Githyanki and Githzerai respectively. They are degenerates, but abide by a strict code of honor and hierarchy. They refuse to step foot on The Rock so long as the Illithids are present.

The Scro very nearly conquered the known spheres almost two centuries ago but were forced to retreat to areas unknown. Despite rumors spread by the Imperial Elves, there has been no concrete evidence of their return to the known spheres.

The Xorn are a strange, alien race that fly massive ships made of solid stone. Their ability to meld and travel through earth make these ships impossible to board. The fact that the Xorn eat precious gems makes them a menace, and save for the fact they have no agenda aside from survival makes them not so much a threat as much as a nuisance.

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