Middle City

Middle city

The crowded market streets and quiet townhouses of The Rock, the Middle City is defined differently by every Bralian. Most agree that the old wall that separates it from the High City, but no one can agree on where the Low City ends and the Middle City begins. The streets are crowded but not impassable and neither con men nor street peddlers are found in great numbers.

Aldaric Blackstaff resides in a lovely townhouse on Park Street and always enjoys meeting mages from other spheres.

The Arena of Frun is an impressive stadium made of white granite and able to seat 500 people comfortably. Once a year a set of races, jumping contests, and mock gladiatorial combats take place and attracts some interest. Outside of the occasional duel between gentlemen, it is little used throughout the rest of the year.

Balics Blades is run by Old Balic who produces weapons of the highest quality and are priced as such, while his sons and apprentices make fine, standard weapons. He has been known to make weapons to order.

The Backstreet Playhouse puts on shows that appeal to the masses more so than the more elitist Royal Theatre Company in the High City. Their bawdy comedies, lewd clown acts and daring flying acrobats can all be seen for only 1 cp per seat, two performances daily. Only the acrobatics act is suitable for children.

Barduk’s Smithy is a rambling, open craftsman’s shop and forge run that features a goldsmith, silversmith, pewtersmith, several black smiths, and two bladesmiths and armorers. Barduk’s four sons do most of the smithing, but they have several journeymen and apprentices as aids. Almost any metal goods can be had at a fine price.

The Bralian Mercer is the largest and finest of The Rock’s clothiers. The Mercer buys and sells bolts of any kind of cloth as well as finished clothing. The variety of styles and tastes is staggering.

The Council of Captains is a large, hexagonal council chamber adjoined by two grand wings which house The Bureau of Customs and the Bureau of Trade. The Council meets once a month but most members vote by proxy. The Secretary to the council is often found in her office and is the head of both Bureaus under the Council. By arming customs agents and cracking down on smuggling she has made a lot of enemies.

Dal’s Locks and Keys the only Lock and Keysmith on The Rock, Dal is a well-organized businessman with great foresight. She sells a variety of locks as well as thieves’ tools, pitons, spring daggers and other nifty devices. She keeps a unique lock in her store and there is a standing 20 gp reward for the thief who can pick it.

Dredar’s Mail and Arms is run by Dredar who does not produce the armaments but purchases and transports them to The Rock for sale. His selection is unbeatable, and in addition to standard arms and armor he occasionally has a magic item or weapon made of special material for sale, though the heaviest armor commonly available is plate mail, Full or Field plate are quite rare. A staff of well paid armorers and leather workers are kept on premises for fitting and tailoring.

The Donjon is a walled keep that dominates the Middle City. Surrounded by 8 meter high curtain wall and four 15 meter high towers, each mounted by a modified ballista. The central tower soars at nearly 34 meters in height and has six modified and enchanted catapults in sheltered turrets. Below the central keep is a prison where the most dangerous and treasonous prisoners are kept. Some claim that Prince Calar is not dead but kept in a special room below. A battalion of the Regular Army is billeted here, overseen by Lord Donjon.

The Edge is one of the largest and busiest taverns on The Rock, it is an establishment that caters to starfarers. It is known for its dangerous and colorful clientele, and it is fashionable for the elite to gather here.

Elmandar’s Starcharts is the premier place to purchase the most accurate starcharts on Bral. There is great demand for such a service, and Elmandar’s charts sell for a high price. A small and diligent staff of cartographers and navigators regularly take passage on tradesmen to log changes in charts in service. An owner of an Elmandar starchart is free to bring it back to be updated at anytime for no additional charge.

The Elven Forest is perhaps the most beautiful place on The Rock and is commonly referred to as the Forest. It is a mythical grove of birch, laurel, ash and oak. Many of the trees are hundreds of years old, suggesting either accelerated growth or transplantation. There is a strange, silvery shadow beneath the eaves of the wood walls of the district as well as any fence of iron. Few Imperial Elves actually live in the Forest, as there are no buildings of any kind within its borders, even the Elves in shining mail that stand guard at the various entrances live in fine townhouses throughout the city.

Fine Armors of Bral is a small shop in the Dwarven District. Cudrekken runs the shop but is not a smith, instead he recovers and repairs powerful weapons and armors from battlefields and floating wrecks. No Dwarf will do business with him because of his lack of craftsmanship and exploitation of the dead.

Frada’s Provisioning carries an assortment of groceries perfect for any spacefarer. Non-perishables such as salted meats, dried fruit and grains, hard tack, flour, sugar and spices, as well as necessities like barrels, sacks, trunks, basic clothing, rope, nets and a variety tools.

Gamalon’s Curios One of the most famous small merchants on The Rock is the archmage Gamalon. He collects and sells unusual magical items, favoring any item that assists spacefarers and spelljammers.

Gaspar’s Reclamations is a shop that stocks magical items and other rare and unsual treasures. It is located at the intersection of Grand Street and Great Market. Its wares are expensive and the stock is constantly changing.

The Great Market is a chaotic area of small vendors, open air street performers, beggars, orators, merchants and buyers of all descriptions. It is perhaps the most vital and exciting place in the city of Bral. Once can find Armorers, Astrologers, Bakers, Barbers, Barristers, Blacksmiths, Bookbinders, Brewers, Butchers, Carpenters, Carters, Cartographers, Chandlers, CLerks, Clockmakers, Cobblers, Cutlers, Dyers, Embroiderers, Fullers, Furriers, Gilders, Girdlers, Glassblowers, Glaziers, Grocers, Haberdashers, Horners, Hosiers, Joiners, Jugglers, Limners, Mercers, Painters, Pipers, Porters, Scribes, Tailors, Tanners, Tinkers, and Weavers of every description. During the day there is always several hundred shoppers milling about the area, so pickpockets and beggars are a recognized hazard. Most notable is Ren the Wretched.

Holstoi and Gavich, Barristers is the oldest and most prestigious of The Rock‘s companies of the bar. Holstoi and Gavich passed away many years ago, but Maynard Holstoi still operates his father’s firm. They specialize in mercantile and admiralty law, contracts and salvage rights, and never represent criminals before magistrates.

The Honored Mages’ Guild of Bral is a slender tower of dark stone and seems to be set apart from the city around it. The lower floor contains a reception area and meeting rooms, the upper floors house libraries, laboratories, and private chambers which members can rent while conducting research on the premises. A furnace golem prevents all uninvited guests to enter. He is polite, but insistent, and will allow hermetic mages seeking to join to meet with a representative.

House of the Path and the Way is a small, humble shrine that is not so much a place of organized worship as a place of contemplation and enlightenment for a half dozen priests and priestesses. They worship all deities everywhere, seeing them all as having a place in the Celestial Bureaucracy. They do not actively seek new converts, content to leave others in ignorance, though they never turn away a seeker of enlightenment, which they call The Path and The Way.

House Moune is a relatively average merchant house. Founded by Tarilia Moune, it has been stable and strong enough to survive for several generations. A large portion of its profits come from imported foodstuffs on two farming asteroids. The steady flow of capital has permitted the house to purchase a couple of fast packers for exotic trade.

The Middle Magistrate is not as impressive a complex as the High Magistrate in the High City, with a courtroom, watch barracks and office, and a small jail of six cells, and it is far more active than it’s High City counterpart. The Watch patrols the streets sporadically but are frequently summoned to apprehend a criminal or intercede in a dispute. The Middle Magistrate herself has a reputation as a “jettisoning judge”.

Morweg’s Arms and Armor is run by Morweg and has several bladesmiths and armorers at work. In addition to a wide range of firearms, it sells swords, shields, and mail of outstanding quality.

The Planar Church of Olympus is one of the most powerful and popular churches in Wildspace, venerating all deities from the Olympian Glades of Arborea. It is gaining popularity rapidly on The Rock, and is one of the truly benevolent organizations of the city and the priests of Olympus spend a lot of time and energy tending to the poor and common.

Planar Church of the Seven Heavens venerates all the deities from the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia and is a newcomer to [Rock of Bral | The Rock]]. It is growing slowly in popularity amongst the wealthy and organized citizens.

The Raised Cup is a battered old hole that seems out of place in the Middle City. It offers excellent food and drink at good prices, belying its ramshackle exterior.

The Red Bull is a small tavern with good ale at a reasonable price.

The Royal Exchequer At the intersection of Grand Street and Sailmaker Street this impressive building dominates the street. Many coinages and almost all paper currencies are not honored by the merchants of Bral. Visitors must either barter or exchange their money for acceptable coinage. The fee is 5% of the coinage exchanged. The crown does not mint its own currency.

The Smith’s Coster is a dignified brownstone with a sign of the wheelock and shield out front. There are no retail facilities, the company deals entirely with mass quantities and sells directly to distributors in various markets. If one needs to equip an army quickly, this is the place to go.

The Temple of Celestian is one of the oldest buildings on The Rock, dating back to the old pirate days of yore and is a member of the Pantheistic College of Celestian. Many captains stop here before setting sail, seeking his blessing.

Temple of Ptah is a powerful temple, without a t

The Temple of Tyr is a part of the church known as the Pantheist Temple of Tyr. and it is a relatively new site on The Rock. As a deity of justice, he is not popular amongst most Bralians, and the priests feel obligated to take on crime and injustice wherever it may be found. This has brought them into conflict with the underbarons and thieves’ guilds of the city.

Town Apothecary is a strange old store in the back alleys run by Mother Greda, at first glance it appears to be abandoned. It’s open for business at odd intervals and features a bizarre selection of spell components, musty old tomes, various roots and herbs, and potions and elixirs of all kinds.

Valkan’s Legion is a collection of buildings that serve as barracks, offices, stables and armories for the mercenary company Valkan’s Legion. The barracks are only staffed when training for a contract, otherwise the legionnaires have homes in the Low City or are stationed off Rock.

The White Galleon is a quiet inn and tavern located off the major streets, between Armada Street and Man O’ War Street. The exterior is nondescript but the interior is roomy and comfortable, with fine services at reasonable rates. The tavern owner Bardilac is a happy halfling quite content with his establishment.

Yarnak’s Dwarven Arms is, without question, sells the finest weapons and arms in the city. Yarnak’s shop adheres to the highest standards, creating weapons and armor of quality suitable for enchantment. His armor in particular is famous for its comfort and flexibility.

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Middle City

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