The Realmguard is comprised of three separate companies, two of which get along very well, the third is simply a marriage of convenience (the enemy of my enemy…). They have some difficulties working together, and their internal strife threatens the stability of The Triad.

The Emerald Brotherhood

This brave group of adventurers gained notoriety when, upon entering Realmspace seven years ago as Neogi slaves, they defeated their cruel captors and destroyed a major Neogi slavery operation in the meantime. The Brotherhood purchased their current ship from an Arcane who was also a captive of the Neogi at the time of their hair-raising escape.
After only 14 months of activity within Realmspace, slaves, and the Neogi in particular, have learned to fear the mere sight of Tyr’s Strike, the viper ship of the Emerald Brotherhood. The Neogi currently have a bounty in excess of 50,000 gp for the person or persons who can bring the members of the company to “justice”. The feat may be easier said than done, because the Brotherhood are also masters at hiding.
The Brotherhood joined forces officially for the first time over four years ago to save the Thornwood and its resident druids from an invading tribe of Gnolls. Their fame on Toril continued when they became known as vicious Lycanthrope hunters in the lands of east and south of Amn and Tethyr. They were last reported on a quest for a local king along the Deepwash. Their mission was to hunt and kill three evil dragons. The party never succeeded in this task, for they were abducted into space in 1359 by the crew of the Illithid slaver, Mind Ripper. They were exploring in the Snowflake Mountain Range at that time. Since they have never been seen on Toril since, it is common belief that they are dead. Their leader, Gehrm, a paladin of Tyr, is the unquestioned leader of the Emerald Brotherhood and his wife Kalia holds out hope for his safe return.
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The Gauntlet

This company considers itself the police force of the Tears of Selune. Their ship continually trolls through the small planetoids looking for the evil doers that make space travel unsafe. These actions have been going on for nearly seven years, with the same crew being involved. Luckily, they have yet to suffer any casualties or debilitating injuries. The Neogi are convinced that their luck is about to run out.
Gauntlet’s claim to fame is the complete eradication of a Neogi slave trade operation on an asteroid close to Selune. There, nearly 100 Neogi were selling and buying Umber Hulks, as well as a few “conditioned” humanoids from the “illithid” altering farms.
Swooping down from the sky, this updated scorpion ship destroyed all of the buildings and killed nearly all the Neogi and Illithids there. Several escaped with their lives to report this action to others of their kind. THis has created a bounty that exceeds 100,000 gp to date. Needless to say, the Neogi have not just stood by and taken this continual punishment. They have built several more trading posts in the Tears which are now more secretly and defensively placed than usual.
Their captain, Kyriel Alathar Pellinore, son of Chiros Pellinore, Third Lord of Everlund, is a proud servant of Tyr.

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The Enforcers

This group of lawful characters tends to take law and punishment into their own hands. They have been found throughout Realmspace, occasionally even in the Tears of Selune wherethe Gauntlet company spends most of its time.
The raison d’etre of this group is throughout the outer three planets, Glyth, [{Garden]], and H’Catha. They have been trying to bring the infamous pirate, Clive, from the planet Garden to meet their brand of justice, but they have been completely unsuccessful. Meanwhile, the company has been actively exterminating the Illithid hordes on Glyth, while trying to stay just out of reach of the horrifying behold craft surrounding H’Catha.
Frollth, a lizard man, is the captain of the modified Angel Ship. His two wives and twelve children reportedly live on Coliar.

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