Realmspace is one of the three crystal spheres that forms the triad. The other two are Greyspace and Krynnspace. It is one of the warmer spheres, signifying and ancient relative age in comparison to other crystal spheres.

0 Kilometers (Center)
Sol, a yellow-red sun.

64 million kilometers
12 equidistant globes of Sargasso, magic-dead space that causes spelljammers to drift aimlessly through wildspace.

80 million kilometers
Anadia, a tiny planet of unbearable heat, inhabited by Anadian Halflings.

160 million kilometers
Coliar, a spherical gas giant with motes of earth and water floating about its interior.

320 million kilometers
Toril, a well-known planet inhabited by a variety of races.

320 million kilometers, +/- 300,000 kilometers
Rock of Bral

480 million kilometers

600 million kilometers

1.6 billion kilometers

19.2 billion kilometers

25.6 billion kilometers

51.2 billion kilometers
Realmspace Shell

Variable Astronomicals

Comet K’Thoutek

Skull of the Void

Caer Windlauer

Galleon Nebula

Color Spray Nebula


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