Royal Enclosure


The Royal Enclosure is at the highest point of the Rock of Bral and of the High City. When someone is summoned to the palace, a courier brings them a small, gold scepter which is then surrendered upon reaching the gatehouse. A few nobles and powerful merchants have silver scepters which permit entry but are never surrendered. Finally, there are copper scepters, which signify urgent palace business. Regardless of the scepter brought, no weapons are permitted past the Gatehouse.

The Royal Docks is a landing area is where the Princess of Bral, Andru’s private Shrikeship yacht, is docked. The Sunfarer, a mosquitoship, is kept there as well to serve as a launch for the Prince when he wishes to go to the Underside, Docking Edge, or any large ship in orbit of The Rock. Both ships are outfitted for luxury, though a crack detachment of the Royal Bralian Navy serves aboard both ships, and an escort of RBN warships is always prepared to ensure safety while the ships are aloft.

The Royal Stables are a small affair given the cost of maintaining horses of the Rock. 12 horses of outstanding quality are kept here, along with two well-appointed carriages in excellent condition.

The Royal Barracks quarters all five companies of the Royal Guard. It is a living area, drill field, and parade ground. At any time one company is standing palace duty, two more are assigned garrison duty, and the fifth company is off duty. Most guardsmen have families in Low City.

The Gatehouse is never closed, save during times of war. 20 members of the Royal Guard man the gate continously, with a ceremonial Changing of the Guard every six hours. The gates themselves are made of stout, iron-bound oak and the structure is a strong and graceful white granite construction.

Royal Enclosure

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