The Clarion Charter

The Clarion Charter was founded recently by Captain Illyria Emile Anteros d’Lyrandar and her vessel, the Daystar Clarion. Initially her airship was powered by only a fire elemental, but she journeyed to the city of Sigil where the Elven priests modified her ship to shuttle the Proxy of Corellon, Varis Nalio, through Wildspace. The modifications included adding an crystal furnace, air elemental, and second ring to house the air elemental, a shield to prevent the fire elemental from burning up the air envelope, and extendible wings to catch the solar rays. After many adventures she returned to her home of Eberron, where Lyrandar sages reverse engineered the modifications. While such expensive additions are of no use within Eberron’s atmosphere, they have allowed House Lyrandar to explore Wildspace.

This fleet of spelljammers (technical elementaljammers) has allowed House Lyrandar to gain access to a plethora of trading opportunities. If not for the fact that each of their ships requires one or more dragonmarked Lyrandar Half-Elves as helmsmen, the Clarion Charter’s fleet would quickly have been stolen away from them.

Fortune smiles twice on the Clarion Charter, for Eberron has many unique resources, such as Dragonshards, Darkwood, Bronzeleaf, Soarwood, Byeshk, Densewood, Flametouched Iron, Livewood, Riedran Crysteel, Targarth, Calomel, Deep Crystal, Purple Mournlode, and Sentira, as well as finished goods, such as Darkleaf Armor, Darkweave Fabric, Glamerweave Fabric, Dolweave Fabric, Chameleoweave Fabric, Leafweave Armor, and Magebred Animals. The most coveted of all of Eberron’s resources is the warforged marines that the Clarion Charter utilizes, as these hearty warriors are both resistant to psionics, totally loyal, and don’t consume food, water or air. As of yet, the Clarion Charter has not indulged in a trade of these psuedogolems.

The trade in these goods as flowed the coffers of House Lyrandar, but as it is still a new horizon being explored virtually every last coin has been reinvested back into the spelljamming enterprise.

The Clarion Charter

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